Here's what we do!

1U KVM Drawers


From the original RackView Euror 15" unit up tp 19" and 18.5" widescreen with a choice of touchpad or trackball and international keyboard layouts.


KVM and AV Extenders


Extend Keyboard, Mouse, Video (DV, VGA, RGB) Audion, Serial and USB over cat 5, 6 or 7 cable of fiber optic (Multimode or Single mode) up to 20Km away.


From two port desktop switches to multi-User Matrix systems, we offer all types of KVM switch including DVI, USB Cat5,6,7 and Fiber and KVM over IP.

PDU (MDU) Mains Power Distribution Units


10A, 16A, 32A or 64A single or three phases with any number and type of output sockets.



help to prevent inrush surges on initial start-up by applying power to outlet ports over a short period of time rather than all at once.



Metered PDUs contain a local LED Amp Meter or Power Meter which gives immediate information as to the power load on the circuit.


Current monitored PDUs offer real time and historic data on power usage on a manager’s desktop allowing him to see at a glance exactly what current is being drawn from any PDU. Power monitored PDUs work in exactly the same way as Current monitored PDUs but also view is given of overall power usage - volts, real power, apparent power, power factor and kWatt-hours.


Switched PDUs provide generally the same minute by minute, day by day information on power (and environmental) conditions as metered PDUs but additionally allow a manager to elect to power any socket ON or OFF either immediately on command, or  by a pre-programmed schedule




Power Monitoring


Easily readable Power and Current meters in either rack-mount or wall/general mounting formats and with a wide variety of input and output plugs and sockets to fit in line wherever you need the information.






ATS - Automatic and Static Transfer switches


Our ATSs and STSs are available in various electrical capacities, the most common being 10Amp ATS,  16Amp ATS or 32Amp ATS. WE offer our ATSs with any number and combination of input and output plugs and sockets to suit any power feed back-up transfer application.