FCIT offers ExiVision Console integral rack-mounted KVM management drawer solutions, rack mounted keyboard and rack mounted monitors so that full keyboard and mouse control of any connected computer is available in one compact 1U format. These can have integral KVM switches, KVMA switches, KVMC switches, serial console switches and even IP access, allowing totally flexible access and control and support options for any situation where computer equipment has to be controlled both centrally and remotely.


We provide Video display products for specialised applications, such as industrial computer and process control, digital signage, server control and information kiosk use. FCIT’s ExiVision Monitor display range is a series of high quality flat screen monitors which are packaged in such a way as to be mountable into industry standard 19” racks, or wall- or stand- (kiosk etc.) mounted. The ExiVision Monitor product range is also available with RJ type connectors to allow direct connection to catX (cat5, 6 or 7) structured cable.Displays can be purely for video, but FCIT also offers units with integral or additional speakers, so that sound and vision are available where needed, together with touch-screen capability, for interactive control or for information exchange.


ExiVision EXV products allow display monitors to be placed at considerable distances (up to 300m away) from the signal source, which could be a PC, TV feed, DVD or MP3/4 player or any other device capable of generating Audio/visual output.


1U KVM (Keyboard, Video & Mouse) console drawers

FCIT Ltd. offer a full range of Rack-mounted KVM (Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse) drawers, designed for rack-mounting in 19inch racks, and  optimized for specific purposes, such as large (20") LCD display units for high resolution graphics, special SUN keyboard units, with extra keypads so as to be compatible with SUN Microsystems servers and workstations, slim units for limited depth applications such as Marine applications, Outside Broadcast Van fitment OB vans) or Mobile Audio and Video system control.

We can offer integrated touchscreen units, units with DVI and/or VGA video connectors, units with PS/2 and/or USB connectors, and Units with Audio connectors, and a choice of 17 different keyboard languages.

We can offer units with integrated or co-located KVM switches, so that from 1 up to a few, or even hundreds of servers or groups of computers can be controlled from one location.

We have units with built-in KVM extension, so that access to computers up to 300 metres away is possible using catX (category 5 or higher copper cable), or up to 10Km away using fibre optic (optical fiber) cable, or at any distance by using KVM access over the web (IP access).

To find out more, please call us on 01722 435625 or
email sales@fcit.eu

Rack Mount Monitors


Available in 15, 17, 19, 20 or 18.5 inch widescreen formats, and either fixed (bolted to rack-posts) or drawer (1U when closed) formats.

1U Rack-mounted Keyboards  (keyboard drawers)
FCIT's 1U rack mount keyboards install easily into any standard 2 post or 4 post 19" comms or server rack and occupies only 1U of vertical rack space. We offer a choice of touchpad or trackball (Industrial Cherry Keyboard) and PS-2 or USB connectivity.
All EU keyboard options are available including QWERTY (UK/USA), AZERTY (FR), QWERTZ (DE) etc.  We also offer special units for Sun Microsystems.
KVM drawers with 17" monitor
Wide screen monitors
KVM drawers + KVM switch
1U Keyboard Drawers
Rackmount monitors