An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is an electrical or electronic) switch which sits between various power supplies (either mains, UPS, Generator, Solar supply, etc.) and the equipment being powered.



FCIT offer a range of ATS and STS products which can include Power Distribution via multiple IEC (such as C13 or C19) UK 13a mains sockets, European Schuko type sockets, Weiland or Powercon sockets or can simply operate at main supply level and switch IEC 309 (Commando) or Nema sockets or be hard wired into an electrical ditribution infrastructure.

Automatic Transfer Switches are available (230v) in 10 Amp, 16 Amp or 32 Amp versions and (110v) in 10 Amp, 15Amp or 30 Amp versions. They all serve the same purpose, and behave in similar ways. They will simply monitor the power from each alternative feed and switch the input source  whenever necessary to use the best available power feed. The status of the live/standby feeds is indicted on the switch by LEDs.


Managed (IP Metered) ATS


Metered, managed Transfer Switches work in exactly the same way as basic ATSs but can be set-up and managed remotely from anywhere in the world over IP. Upon switching, or upon pre-set power supply degradation levels a managed ATS will of course do its job and switch source appropriately, but will also send power deterioration reports (so that supply problems can be investigated and sorted before the situation becomes critical and switching is necessary) and will generate alarms by email and via SNMP.  Managed ATSs feature a true RMS Current Meter, and reports and logs Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, Active Power, Apparent Power, Total kWh and  Sub-total kWh. These readings are displayed locally on a bright LCD display and remotely on any logged-in PC. Remote access is password protected for security, and data is encrypted to the SSL standard. Managed ATSs can also support and optional Temperature and Humidity sensor, so that the operating environment can be monitored and controlled.


(insert pic IP ATS 2)


No software is necessary to set-up or operate a Managed ATS, it has its own built-in web page making it very simple and straightforward to configure and use. Managed ATSs integrate easily with any mainstream Network Management, DCIM or similar package which is SNMP compatible, and also support Http, Https, DHCP and UDP.