The ExiVision Fiber & catX (cat5, 5e, 6 & 7) KVM Extender family includes:-

KVM Extenders

KVMA Extenders

KVMC Extenders

Switching Extenders


The ExiVision KVM extender and switching extender product family is a series of products comprising transmitters and receivers. An ExiVision KVM transmitter co-locates with any computer and takes the output signals (Keyboard, Video, Mouse and {optionally} Serial and Audio ports) and encodes them in such a way that they can be passed down a fiber optic cable link or a single catX (cat5, cat5e, cat6 or cat7) cable.


An ExiVision KVM receiver decodes the signal it receives over the catX cables, and provides Video (VGA, DVI etc.) Keyboard and Mouse (PS/2 or USB type) and serial {if required} ports. A User can then use the computer at a distance of up to 10Km away, exactly as if the computer were right next to them.


Additionally though, ExiVision KVM Extenders have several key features which set them apart from other similar products.



 What is a KVM Extender?

A catX KVM Extender allows the keyboard, monitor and mouse (user console) and/or touch screen to be located up to 300m (1000ft.) away from the Server or computer it controls. Connection between the computer and the user console is achieved using normal network cable – UTP cat 5, 6 or 7). For longer distances fiber optic extenders can be used (up to 10km) or a tecnique known as KVM-over-IP can be used to control a Computer from anywhere in the world, no matter what the distance.


What is a KVMA Extender?

A KVMA Extender works in exactly the same way as does a KVM Extender (see above) but includes an Audio channel so that full muti-media computing is possible remotely from the source computer.


What is a KVMC Extender?

Also know as a KVMS Extender, this incorporates a serial port as well as the KVM ports. The serial port can be used in many ways, but is most commonly deployed to enable the use of a touch-screen, control a remote switching application of some kind, or to control power.


What is a Switching Extender?

A Switching Extender (otherwise known as an Extender Switch or an Extender/KVM switch) does everthing which a KVM Extender does – see above, BUT allows a user to switch between several (up to eight per receiver in the case of ExiVision) remote computers as well as allowing a user to control his own everyday computer from the same Keyboard and Monitor.


The ExiVision KVM switching Extender series of products has the following available features, some of which will be dependant upon your application or the capabilities of the  particular ExiVision KVM transmitters & Receivers you select.


*Extend keyboard, video and mouse up to 300m (1000ft.) over CATx

*On board distance compensation and gain equalization

*Easy on board video skew adjustments

*Models available for PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse

*Up to 1600 x 1200 video resolution

*Serial interface support (option)

*Local PC support

*Inbuilt local KVM switch

*Use as a 10 port cat5 KVM switch

*Failsafe pass through for failed or missing computers

*One receiver accepts multiple transmitters

*Automatic polling mode for simple set-up

*PS/2 and USB transmitters can be mixed



ExiVision KVM switching Extenders are compatible with most commonly used computers provided that they are equipped with VGA or similar video outputs and either PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse ports. Video resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz refresh rate can be used. If in doubt as to whether ExiVision products are suitable for your planned set-up, please contact us and we will endeavor to help you to select the correct parts.

Action at a distance made simple. ExiVision  KVM Console Extenders let you operate a PC or server from a simple monitor, keyboard, and mouse at distances up to 300 meters (1000 feet) away using convenient, economical CAT 5 UTP cable.
On board video Gain and Equalisation adjustments let you tweak the video image for optimum viewing. For extra long cable runs, we include video RGB skew adjustment to fine tune the picture.


  • Cable length compensation adjustments are automatically performed

  • Simple on-board adjustment for Video equalization and signal gain means that video can be adjusted for clarity to suit the location and the operator.

  • Supports SVGA, VGA, XGA, RGB video modes

Supports PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice

  • Extend a KVM station up to 1,000 feet away from a CPU using CATx cable (CAT5, 5e, 6, or 7)

  • Video resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz

  • Compatible with most KVM switches

  • Operating system independent

  • Uses a microprocessor to emulate the keyboard and mouse.  The keyboard and mouse on the remote unit do not have to be connected for the PC to boot; only the local unit must be connected to the PC


The ExiVision KVM extender is the ideal choice for any situation where access and control a computer or computers is required at a distance (up to 300m over structured cable or from anywhere in the world over IP)

ExiVision KVM Extenders allow you to access and control a computer up to 300 metres away from the KVM User via easily available and cost effective twisted pair CATx cable.  Use any length of UTP cable up to 300 metres. The ExiVision remote unit allows you to set the signal gain and equalization, and adjust the “skew” induced by some UTP cable types so that you see a solid and clear video image.  Lighting conditions and User preferences can change, so I is important to be able to make these adjustments whenever needed.


Access to your computers is made convenient in a variety of situations.  You can locate users away from hazardous industrial environments; locate computers away from areas vulnerable to theft of hardware and data, reduce noise and heat, and increase desk and floor space.

The ExiVision KVM extender is available in the following models:

g         PS/2 single

g         USB single

g         PS/2 and USB to PS/2 single

g        PS/2 and USB to USB single

g         Video only

Options: Automatic skew compensation

Extend keyboard, video and mouse up to 1,000' over CATx

Advanced automatic compensation and equalization

Automated video skew adjustments

Models available for PS/2, USB or both

Up to 1600 x 1200 video resolution


‧Mix and match: Freely combine PS2 and USB units as needed.
‧Ultramini, zero-U, Remote KVM units require no rack space, no shelf or table space.
‧Each Remote has a fail-safe auto pass-thru. In the unlikely event that one unit fails, all the others still work perfectly.
‧System independent: run Windows, Linux/UNIX, DOS.
‧Pay only for what you need; expand when you want.
‧BE-601L and BE-601UL can take keyboard/mouse/monitor for dual access (local device control).

CAT5 KVM Extender Kit for Single PC, Single Access


● Superior cost effectiveness.
● Receiver has Gain and EQ adjustments for optimum image quality.
● UP-30 models add RGB skew adjustment, for extra long cable runs.
● Run a single UTP cable up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) from source.
● Pure hardware, Plug n Play design.
● CAT5 UTP cable is easy-to-use and economical.
● Resolution up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz.