1U KVM drawer 19" monitor connect direct to a server or integrated catX cat5 KVM switch 8 port 16 port 32 port

RMD-519-2 RackView Euro EXV-KVM19SP

1U Monitor drawer + Keyboard + Touchpad


The RMD-519-2 RackView Euro features a high resolution 19-inch TFT LCD colour display and an ultra-low-profile compact industrial standard keyboard and touchpad. It provides a user friendly, economical and reliable Keyboard, Video and Mouse console which is typically co-located with servers for network administration.


A RackView Euro unit is integrated into just 1U of 19-inch rack space and is sufficiently rugged that it suits industrial or portable Outside Broadcast applications as well as network management applications.


RackView Euro features the latest in active matrix thin film transistor (TFT) technology, providing crisp, flicker-free images and wide viewing angles at all commonly used VGA video resolutions.The RackView Euro 1U KVM drawer has a high level of immunity to the electronic and magnetic interference fields commonly found in industrial environments, and super bright video technology and brightness adjustability makes it ideal for use in areas with high or low ambient light.


RackView Euro is a plug-and-play KVM console installation suitable for many operating systems, including Windows, Vista, NT, XP and Sun, and can be set up in a wide variety of custom video modes using the in-built menu system.


This unit is also available with an integrated KVM switch, allowing access from 2-32 servers or CPUs of any type with connection via cat5 or 6 cables.


Also available with access for KVM control over IP, so with a fully configured unit you can control any of your connected servers from the rack, from your desk within the building (by using a cat5 or 6 KVM extender), and perform essential service and maintenance tasks from anywhere in the world over the WWW.


• Rack-mounted server Control                  Platform

• Complete with LCD, keyboard & mouse (touchpad)

• Single-port dedicated use or add any KVM switch

• 1U height, suitable for 19’’ standard cabinet installation

• All steel structure.

• 19’’ LCD screen with high brightness for daylight use

• High clarity and high resolution

• Over-extending rails for maximum visibility range

• LCD screen can be angled to 105 degrees

• Ultra thin heavy duty keyboard with numeric keypad.

• Mouse touch pad with two function button.

• Front panel with lock to prevent casual access.

• Built-in or External power options

• Automatic power on/off on open/closure

• Easy to use OSD menu.

• UK, US and all European Keyboard layouts available

• All steel structure

• Comprehensive approvals list

• 12/24v power options

• Flight case mount options

• KVM extension options

• Complete and ready to mount

• Space saving

• Field servicable